What’s the Hardest Part of your Business?

You love your business. Or, at least, you really want to! It’s hard–anyone serious about building a serious income knows it. But what’s the hardest part?

  • Getting eyes on your product?
  • Grabbing the attention of new customers?
  • Finding the time to do all of the design work that you wish you were better at doing?

I’m Here to Make Your Life Easier!!

My name is Eddie Patin. I’m a Copy Writer, a Designer, and a Marketing Constultant. There’s a lot that I can do to help you and make the tough stuff with your business more efficient, cleaner, more attractive, and take your business’s income to the next level!

What is a Copy Writer?

A “Copy Writer” is a professional freelance writer that applies his wordslinging skill to businesses like yours. There are many, many ways how good writing and design can contribute to your business and making your life easier. But what’s that mean for you?

Enhanced Sales and Marketing

  • More eyeballs on your service/products, which means more ‘call-in’ appointments and drop in customers.
    • More attractive websites, graphics, formats–stuff that’s more interesting and captures the attention you want.
    • More efficient content built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind that makes your products easier to find.
    • More passive marketing working for you all the time via its own awesomeness, helping give you your time back for producing and innovating, instead of grinding away at marketing and lead generation!
  • Easier sales and more support for your sales staff. That means more closing–more purchases!
    • Better, prettier, and more efficient content (in so many ways!) will make for warmer potential leads and give your company more credibility.
    • Customers that take the time to study the content, contemplate the graphics, watch the videos, etc., will already be halfway-sold on your services/products by the time they contact you!
  • Cheaper marketing that keeps working for you.
    • Investing in a good business writer and designer will set up a good foundation–good systems–that will let that part of your business run on its own.
    • Good, eye-catching copy will stay there, always drawing customer attention and gently guiding them to purchasing your wares. It will work for you forever, while you sleep, like a cheerful and carefully-focused robot minion, leaving you free to focus on what you love–building the business!

The term “Copy Writer” is a general, all-encompassing title for a commercial writer that will work to help you better communicate your business vision to reach customers more easily, and make your company and offerings easier for your target audience to find. Copy writing is sales writing, and my skills can apply in so many ways to help you reach more customers, better impress them, and make everything you do to build and execute your business easier for you!

What kind of writing services do I provide for businesses?

There are all kinds of ways professional Copy Writing can help you! Click HERE to learn more about Services for Businesses.

Interested? You’ve found your way here because you were looking for me, so please give me a call or email me through the contact form below to have an easy chat about your ideas and what I can do for you!


(I’m based in Colorado, USA, but serve clients worldwide.)

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What Else Do I Do?

In addition to writing to achieve sales and marketing oomph for your business, I also have experience in the following:

Graphic and Ad Design

  • Experience in designing logos, website graphics, advertising graphics, actual advertisements for magazines and other publications, social media graphics, book covers, illustrations, banners, and more!
  • Web design. I’ve designed multiple websites for clients, as well as my own, either in HTML (if you want the versatility of reaching markets that possibly are relying on older computers to access the web), or in modern style design (like this website).
  • Video Content Design for YouTube.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  • Experience in SEO for small businesses. The world is trending to the Internet for finding and vetting the services they need. There’s a good formula to getting near the top of the search engine results for your industry in your area. Contact me to discuss ideas of what I can do for you. I’ve done it for happy clients for years, and can help you too.

Marketing Consulting

  • Experience in marketing in various industries, with a specialty in canvass marketing for home improvement companies. My system has helped to catapult multiple renovation companies to the top of the pile in their respective regions, and I’d be happy to discuss ideas on how I can consult and help innovate your marketing department.

Author Services

  • As an author and graphic designer heavily involved in the publishing industry, my services are available to fellow authors who need help with editing, proofreading, and cover design. I can also help with setting up marketing and mailing list systems, author websites, book back matter, in-book graphics and links, Amazon author pages–I have a lot of experience with this stuff, and my expertise is at your disposal. Check out my Services for Authors page to learn more, and look at my book covers shown in my portfolio!

Contact Me!

Eddie Patin
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Colorado Springs, CO, USA